Basic Research Opportunities.

We currently have a number of voluntary research opportunities for undergraduates listed on SONA. You can also contact directly for additional information.

Paid Research Opportunities for Montclair State Students.

Motor & Mental Speed (enrolling participants now, on campus)

We are seeking healthy individuals to participate in a psychology experiment. If you participate, your name will be entered to win a $25 gift card. There will be multiple drawings.

Additional Information

Paid Clinical Research Opportunities for Persons with MS.



We will be recruiting individuals with multiple sclerosis, individuals with traumatic brain injury and healthy control participants from the community for a paid research study investigating individual differences in cognitive ability. Testing will take place at the Center for Clinical Services at MSU. 

Check Back Soon for Additional Information (expected, Summer of 2018).


Dickson Hall Room 285

Montclair State University 

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