The Cognition & Neurocognitive Disorders Research Lab focuses on investigating basic and applied questions related to cognition in both healthy and clinical populations. Our approach is to integrate and apply the conceptually rich perspectives of cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, and neurobiology to further our understanding of cognitive dysfunction that results from neurologic conditions, including multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury. Understanding disrupted cognitive and neural mechanisms associated with cognitive impairment will potentially lead to new interventions that substantially improve the quality of life of individuals living with these conditions. 


A more detailed overview of our research approach can be found here.

Lab Spring 2018. Vikki, Carla, Heather, Dina, Vanessa, Alison, Paula, Erin, Josh (Top); Stephanie, Liss, Zerbrina, Mike, Sophia, Andrea (bottom); Jinal (not pictured).



  • Congratulations to all lab members who had their posters accepted to the 2019 EPA meeting in NYC! 
  • Congratulations to Sophia L. & former lab member, Alex B. who had a poster accepted to the upcoming 2019 International Neuropsychological Society Meeting in NY.
  • Congratulations to former lab member, Mark Zuppichini, who had his MA thesis accepted in Multiple Sclerosis & Related Disorders
  • Congratulations to Jessie Rothberg, M.A., who successfully defended her Master’s Thesis and is going on to complete her MSW at Fordham University, good luck!!
  • Welcome to the incoming undergraduate and graduate students starting this Fall!
  • Congratulations to Alex C. who was admitted to the Speech Language Pathology Masters Program at Seton Hall!!
  • Congratulations and good luck to Alex B. who accepted a position as Lab Coordinator in the Sumowski Lab at Mt. Sinai!
  • Congratulations to Jinal Kapadia & Erin Demaio who both received the Orphan M. Lutz Scholarship & Lisselot Ventura who received the Nancy Draper Scholarship from the psychology department. 
  • Congratulations and good luck to Rachel, Luis, Stephanie, Alex B. & C., Renee & Nathaly on graduating! 
  • Most lab members will be presenting research at the MSU Student Research Symposium on 4/27.
  • Renee was accepted to the Clinical Psychology Masters program at MSU, starting this Fall! Congratulations, Renee!
  • Nathaly accepted an offer to join the inaugural Social Work Masters program at MSU! Congratulations, Nathaly!
  • Luis accepted an offer to East Stroudsburg University! Congratulations Luis!!!
  • Congratulations to Mark, Jessie and Zerbrina who had a paper accepted in Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology!
  • Congratulations to Zerbrina and Alex who’s poster was accepted to the upcoming 2018 CMSC Meeting in Nashville!
  • Welcome to Lisselot & Alison who will join the lab as RAs this spring semester!


  • Lab members had 2 posters accepted to the upcoming Eastern Psychological Association meeting in Philadelphia. Congratulations to Stephanie, Alex, Renee, Alexandra, Erin, Vanessa, Jinal, Rachel, Luis, Nathaly & Paula! 
  • Mark Zuppichini, M.A. defended his Masters Thesis! 
  • Victoria Winters, M.A. defended her Masters Thesis!
  • Nathaly was awarded the Student Scholar Achievement Award by the psychology department!!
  • Alex Buchanan was awarded the Distinguished Student Award by the psychology department!!
  • MSU Psychology Department opens new Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology, now accepting applications. 
  • Alex Buchanan was awarded  University-wide Distinguished Student Leader Award for Outstanding Mentorship!
  • Mark was accepted to the Cognition & Neuroscience Ph.D. program at UT Dallas (NPR Lab)! Congratulations and Best of Luck!!!
  • Besarta, Jessie, Mark, Alex, Chris, Vanessa, Megan, Jonathan, Jessica, Nathaly, Natasha & Hannah all had co-authored talks or posters accepted to the MSU 2017 research symposium.
  • Congratulations to Jessica Rothberg, Alexandra Buchanan & Jessica Ruiz who will co-present their poster at the upcoming APS Convention in Boston
  • Jessie & Mark had a poster accepted as co-authors for the upcoming 2017 Meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers in New Orleans.
  • Mark & Jessie co-presented a poster at the 2017 International Neuropsychological Society Meeting in New Orleans.


  • Best of luck to Steven Ureta & Jennifer Hernandez who both spent two semesters in the lab!
  • Victoria Winters proposed her Masters Thesis.
  • Mark, Nathan, Natasha and co-authors presented a poster at the Psychonomic Society 57th Annual Meeting in Boston.
  • Jennifer & Natasha received academic scholarships from the psychology department for their exceptional academic performance and their outstanding contributions as research assistants. 
  • Victoria & Mark presented talks at the MSU 2016 research symposium.


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