Cognition & Neurocognitive Disorders Research


Joshua Sandry, PhD is associate professor in the Psychology Department at Montclair State University. He completed his PhD in Cognitive Psychology at New Mexico State University and postdoc in Neuroscience and Neuropsychology at Kessler Foundation & Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School CV


Sophia Lall is a clinical psychology doctoral student who completed her undergraduate degree Rutgers University and most recently worked as a research fellow at Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute. 

Currently on Internship at Coatesville VA Medical Center

Michelle Mui is a clinical psychology doctoral student who completed her undergraduate and masters degree at Saint Joseph’s University. Michelle worked as a research assistant at University of Alabama Birmingham and Jefferson University Hospital.

Amanda Vitale is a clinical psychology doctoral student who completed her undergraduate degrees at University of Michigan. Most recently, Amanda worked as a research coordinator at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and James J. Peters VA.

Andriy Fomin is a graduate student in the MAPS Program under the direction of Dr. Pehrson, investigating the mechanisms of serotonin neurotransmission in MDD and how rapid antidepressants modulate these mechanisms. As RA coordinator in the Lab, Andriy is learning about classic and innovative instruments of cognitive assessment.

Zachary Mall is a clinical psychology masters student who completed his undergraduate degree at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Zachary works  as a research assistant on grant funded projects in the lab.

If you are  interested in joining the lab as a research assistant, click here to learn more about what undergraduate research assistants do and see how to apply.


Anthony Boldrini

Angelica Colon

Jade Garguilo

Ky King

Jillian Krutyansky (Maters of Social Work Grad Student)

Heather Mcnamara

Priscilla Phillip

Sarah Yulianti

Ray Ruben (Kessler Foundation )

Denise Babbit (Kessler Foundation)


Research Assistants

Stephanie Aguayo; Alison Badin (visiting student);  Isadora Baron;  Alexandra Buchanan;  Renee Callanan;  Alexandra Caminneci;  Dina Cicchine;  Erin DeMaio;  Chris DeVries;  Jacqueline Ferrara;  Vikki Fiore;  Zachary Fox;  Vanessa Garcia;  Vanessa Gomez;  Megan Groner;  Jennifer Hernandez;  Nicole Jansone;  Jinal Kapadia;  Rivka Kaplan;  Sara Khan;  Kylie King;  Victoria Lemanski;  Carla Maddalena;  Heather Maniscalco;  Jonathan Marino;  Vanessa Moncada;  Isabelle Morden;  Xiomara Muniz;  Priscille Myrthil;  Andrea O'Connor;  Hannah Ovadia;  Stephanie Oyuela;  Katherine Parlitsis;  Michael Peral;  Paula Popok;  Rachel Reyes;  Greta Ricci;  Jessica Ross;  Jessica Ruiz;  Bella San Lorenzo;  Diaisha Santiago;  Daniel Schwarz;  Besarta Shehu;  Nicole Sinanan;  Petty Tineo;  Luis Torres;  Steven Ureta;  Meagan Van Dyk;  Lisselot Ventura;  Nathaly Vera;  Natasha Vilanova;  Tyler Vitello;  Alison Ward;  Calista Wong;  Paula Zapata;  Nathan Zlochevsky

Graduate Students

Zerbrina Valdespino-Hayden 2022 Doctoral Degree (co-mentor with Sarah R. Lowe) 

Jessica Rothberg 2018 Masters Degree

Mark Zuppichini 2017 Masters Degree

Victoria Winters 2017 Masters Degree


Dickson Hall Room 285

Montclair State University 

1 Normal Ave • Montclair, NJ 07043

(973) 655 - 2058