Joshua Sandry, PhD received his doctoral degree in cognitive psychology from New Mexico State University in 2013 with fellowship support from NSF & HHMI. He went on to complete a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship sponsored by NMSS at Kessler Foundation and concurrently held an assistant professor appointment in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School. Currently he is assistant professor in the Psychology Department at Montclair State University. CV


Zerbrina Valdespino-Hayden (lab manager) is a clinical psychology doctoral student who graduated with honors in Psychology and Spanish from University of Illinois in Chicago and went on to work as a research coordinator in both the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress and The Road Home Program for Veterans and their Families at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago for two years. Her research interests broadly focus on the psychological impact of traumatic life experiences and building resilience in vulnerable populations and examining cultural/ethnic differences in symptoms & treatment response of PTSD and comorbid disorders. CV

Sophia Lall is a clinical psychology doctoral student who graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Psychology along with minors in Cognitive Science and Biology. Among prior research positions, Sophia was most recently a research fellow in the Motor Recovery Laboratory at Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute where she focused on animal models of spinal cord injury. Sophia is interested in understanding the etiology of memory deficits in multiple sclerosis, and developing interventional tools to alleviate the behavioral consequences of neural dysfunction. CV

Michelle Mui (assistant lab manager) is a clinical psychology doctoral student who graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a BS in Psychology and MS in Experimental Psychology with a Cognitive Psychology concentration. Prior to MSU, Michelle worked as a research assistant at Psychology department at University of Alabama Birmingham on a study investigating cognition and driving in mild TBI as well as in the Department of Neurology at Jefferson University Hospital on neuroimaging projects in stroke and epilepsy patients. CV


Lisselot Ventura**

Stephanie Oyuela*

Victoria Lemanski

Daniel Schwartz

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Jessica Rothberg 2015 - 2018; now completing MSW at Fordham University

Mark Zuppichini, M.A. 2015 - 2017; now completing a PhD in Cognition & Neuroscience at UT Dallas

Victoria Winters, M.A. 2015 - 2017; AP psychology teacher at West Morris High School


Stephanie Aguayo*

Alison Badin (visiting student)

Alexandra Buchanan‡ ***

Renee Callanan**

Alexandra Caminneci*

Dina Cicchine*

Erin DeMaio***

Chris DeVries*

Vikki Fiore

Vanessa Garcia***

Vanessa Gomez

Megan Groner*

Jennifer Hernandez

* additional semesters in lab             graduate student              lab manager/assistant manager

Jinal Kapadia***

Rivka Kaplan

Carla Maddalena

Heather Maniscalco*

Jonathan Marino*

Xiomara Muniz

Andrea O'Connor*

Hannah Ovadia

Michael Peral*

Rachel Reyes*

Greta Ricci

Jessica Ross

Jessica Ruiz**

Besarta Shehu*

Nicole Sinanan

Petty Tineo

Luis Torres

Steven Ureta*

Meagan Van Dyk

Nathaly Vera‡ 

Natasha Vilanova**

Tyler Vitello

Alison Ward**

Nathan Zlochevsky


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